The 2017 Ford Escape: Solving Your Car Seat Troubles

Car seats are an essential piece of equipment if you're a parent of young children. They're also one of the most frustrating. Installing a car seat can be downright painful and most would prefer to avoid it when they can.

If you're tired of car seat frustrations, we'd suggest you take a look at the 2017 Ford Escape.

Awarded an A rating for car seat compatibility by, the 2017 Escape makes car seat installation easier by getting the fundamentals right. Need room to fit your bulky car seat? The Escape has an airy interior with more than enough space for a wide range of car seats. It also boasts latches and tether anchors designed for easily accessibility. You'll have no trouble finding or using them.

The 2017 Ford Escape offers simple solutions to one of parenting's most annoying problems. That said, it also offers a whole lot more. Come on down to Garnet Ford and let our experts show you all that it can do. Our location in West Chester, PA has a wide selection of new Ford cars that we're sure you'll like.

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