Are Ford's Plans for Autonomous & Electric Vehicles More Uncertain Than We Thought?

The automotive industry as a whole is barreling toward a future where clean, zero-emission electric cars drive themselves. Ford is as committed as any to this goal—the American company has a large fleet of self-driving Ford Fusion sedans, raised the range of the Focus Electric to 115 miles, and has promised to continue adding hybrid and plug-in models to its lineup, including a hybrid F-150.

Yet according to Automotive News, this future may not be as certain as we think.

A gathering of industry leaders in Michigan last week exposed many auto supplier's fears. Electric powertrains and autonomous vehicles are brand-new territory, so it's difficult to predict what lies ahead, and how to get there without making massive financial mistakes.

"If we went all-in on electric vehicles, and we thought it was going to be 20 percent penetration in 10 years, and it's only 8 percent, then we've overcapitalized, and we quoted wrong," said Don Walker, CEO of Magna International. "The investors can change just like that, and sell the stock."

So what does the future hold for self-driving cars and electrics? Only time can tell, but we are already seeing advanced safety technology derived from self-driving-car systems spread throughout the Ford lineup, making our inventory at Garnet Ford safer than ever.

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