Road Trip Tips for Traveling with a Dog

These road trip tips for traveling with a dog help make this process easier. Your four-legged family member requires special care outside of the home. Do:

Take his medical information with you.
Be prepared. You dog may get ill while on the road. Put his vets contact information in your phone and keep notes about his medical history including allergies. Whomever treats him during your excursion will need these details.

Plan stops for walking and elimination.
Your dog needs to stretch his legs after a couple of hours. His legs will cramp. Also, during this time, he has an opportunity to relieve his bladder. Don't forget plastic bags for feces.

Research hotels and diners that allow dogs.
Don't wait until you get into an unfamiliar area to find dog friendly venues. Map them out ahead of time. This will make an overnight trip easier.

Use the above road trip tips for traveling with a dog. They'll reduce your stress. And your dog will be more comfortable too.
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