Are You Ready to Start a Love Affair with the Ford EcoSport?

Love is in the air and we can show you where to find it. The new Ford EcoSport compact SUV will be love at first sight. If you are not convinced, check this out.

The EcoSport will make you fall in love with its performance features such as EcoBoost technology to improve fuel efficiency. You will also love the engine that uses both direct injection and turbocharging. The intelligent 4-Wheel Drive adjusts the power so quickly that you will not even know that you slipped. Let’s not forget the Start-Stop technology that shuts off your engine when you are sitting still and do not need to waste the power.

If you are ready to start a love affair with one of the top SUVs on the market today, stop by Garnet Ford in West Chester, PA so our team can set you up with a test drive.

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