Headlight Inspections and Maintenance Tips

Maintaining and caring for your car’s headlights is an important and easy process. The headlight lenses should be clear, the bulbs should shine brightly, and the light should be free from any cracks or chip.

Headlights are very sturdy, but occasionally, they are hit and damaged. At first, it just might be a small crack, but those small cracks can quickly lead to a completely new light fixture.

Some cars will require the front bumper to be removed in order to replace the headlight. On some vehicles accessing the bolts or screws is easily done by lifting the hood. The same is true when changing headlamp bulbs. In some vehicles, a panel needs to be removed in order to replace the bulb, while in others it is easy to access.

The service technicians at Garnet Ford located in West Chester can help you with headlight maintenance and replacement. Schedule your appointment today.

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