Tech Upgrades Make the Ford Mustang Unbeatable

The Ford Mustang is no ordinary car. It's been one of the most popular sports cars in America for decades, thanks to its stylish body, unbeatable performance, and ever-evolving technology. The latest Mustang models are equipped with the advanced tech drivers have come to expect from this Ford classic.

The 12-inch LCD digital instrument cluster is just one of these advancements. Notable for being the Mustang's first all-digital display, this LCD instrument cluster is highly customizable. Drivers can select colors, tailor the various drive modes, opt for new gauge layouts, and more. Track Apps is one of the key features of this display. It provides drivers with standard and unusual performance metrics, ranging from acceleration times to launch control.

Every driver deserves the chance to get behind the wheel of a Mustang. If you're in the West Chester area and want to check out the latest Ford Mustang tech, come to Garnet Ford for a test drive.

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