Ford Partners With Heroes To Hives To Bring Veterans Peace

Finding solace in routine activity can prove difficult. This is especially true for those veterans who served and have found transitioning back to home life challenging. That’s why the Heroes to Hives program is partnering with Ford to help bring some therapeutic activity to local veterans. 

The program began in 2015 and was founded by Adam Ingrao, a veteran himself. Over time, it eventually became a nine-month experience provided by Michigan State University Extension that works to involve the veterans’ whole situations. While they go through professional and community development, the participants also have their financial and personal wellness checked. 

Cormac Wright, Ford’s global energy systems project manager heard about the project and looked for a way to have Ford help expand the service. “Heroes to Hives is an amazing program,” said Wright. “It’s a privilege for all of us at Ford to be able to provide something to help our veterans.”

This is combined with the Ford corporate-wide beekeeping program and the wide range of sustainability efforts by Ford. Using an 800-acre working farm owned by Ford in Ypsilanti, Michigan, Heroes to Hives is able to give the program all of the space it needs. 

With the efforts of both Ingrao and Ford, the hope is that both the honeybee populations will continue to thrive, and the veterans find some well deserved peace.

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