Lease Specials at Garnet Ford: Low Monthly Payments on Exceptional Ford Vehicles

Have you seen the Ford lease ads from your home in Glens Mills, PA? Are you noticing that more of your friends and neighbors in the Wilmington, PA area are coming home with a lease agreement on their new Ford car, truck, or SUV? There is no doubt that leasing is becoming a much more popular way of financing a new vehicle and the Ford lease specials are a big reason that is happening. Garnet Ford, located at 1610 Wilmington Pike in West Chester, PA, has several lease specials that are currently being offered, including some that are specific to our Hurry Up and Save Summer Sales Event. If you have any questions about any of the lease specials, like the ones on the Ford Escape or the Ford F-150, please reach out to one of our sales consultants or finance professionals.

The Advantages of Leasing a New Ford

Customers in Boothwyn, PA might be wondering what kind of perks a Ford lease has to offer them. Other than a lower monthly payment than they could get by getting an auto loan for their new Ford, a Ford lease gives Aston, PA customers a chance to get a new Ford every two to four years. This means that they will have access to a new Ford, like the Ford Escape or Ford F-150, with the latest technology and upgrades on a regular basis. Ford lessees, like the ones we have in Media, PA, won’t have to worry about trading or selling their vehicle at the end of the lease agreement. Customers who lease have many options at the end of a lease agreement, including leasing a new Ford, buying the one they just leased, or buying a new Ford.

Attractive Monthly Payments

Marcus Hook, PA customers probably find the low monthly payments they see in our lease specials very attractive. These lease specials can get our Avondale, PA customers into an elite new Ford car, truck, or SUV at a very affordable payment. It can sometimes make a new vehicle accessible to folks who wouldn’t have the budget to afford the monthly payment of an auto loan associated with a new Ford Escape or Ford F-150.

Garnet Ford, in West Chester, PA, invites you to explore the Ford lineup of vehicles to find the right one for you. Schedule your test drive with a sales consultant today and take the first step to leasing the right Ford for you.

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