Ford Teaches Essential Driving Skills In Puerto Rico

Ford continues with its commitment to improving lives all over the world with its free Driving Skills for LIfe program in Puerto Rico. Through this program, over 300 students ages 16–19, will be given training and education about safer driving practices. The goal is to improve driver safety as well as reduce the number of fatal crashes in Puerto Rico.

Based on data from the 2017 Traffic Safety Commission, a large number of crashes were caused at least in part by dangerous and reckless driver behavior. Ford hopes to bring that number down with proper training for the young driving population. Over two days, participants will engage in training regarding hazard recognition, vehicle handling exercises, and even impaired driving simulations.

This is another part of the Ford Fund’s efforts to increase the safety of drivers on the road. The Driving Skills for Life program represents the next step in the Ford Fund’s plan for Puerto Rico. Over the past 7 years, Ford has contributed over $3 million to help rebuild the communities through disaster relief and recovery efforts in addition to similar education initiatives. Through the support of programs like Driving Skills for Life, Ford maintains its stance that there’s always more we can be doing to improve the lives of those around us.

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