Ford Focuses on Adventure with the Ranger

Ford is making a statement with its latest marketing plan for the 2019 Ranger. With a focus on a new style of truck owners who want adventure and excitement, Ford hopes to engage this up and coming generation and demonstrate the capabilities of the newest member of the Ford lineup.

The new ad campaign, dubbed “Tough Has More Fun” began on March 1st and works with Outside TV to show the extreme conditions adventures take place in and the vehicles that bring thrill seekers to their destinations. From plowing through deep untouched snow to get to the best snowboarding conditions possible, to chasing down base jumpers in Arizona canyons, the Ranger dominates every challenge it faces.

Matt VanDyke, the Ford director of U.S. marketing says that, “Ranger is for serious adventure-seekers who rely on their gear and actively search out the best of the best for their passion.” By targeting these kinds of truck drivers, Ford hopes to bring in the same kinds of thrill seekers that are shown in the TV spots.

Outside TV host Pat Parnell said that the “Ranger has a bigger story than just its great capability – it’s the only midsize truck that’s also the ultimate piece of gear.” For every adventure that comes along, you want to be prepared with one of the most versatile and adaptable trucks out there, and the all-new 2019 Ford Ranger is easily recognized as one of the toughest most capable pieces of adventuring gear on the market. If you want to open the door to your future expeditions, come down to Garnet Ford today to test drive your future.

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