With A Focus On Customer Experience And Service, Ford Rolls Out New Programs

Always looking to improve customer experience, the Ford Motor Company is rolling out new options to further benefit customers. In addition, some already existing services are being added to and built up with the customer in mind. Ford knows that convenient and attentive services are key to improving individual experiences, so these new programs are looking to focus on that.

Ford has already made life easier for every driving using the FordPass app, but there are new features currently being rolled out for the service. In addition to the ability to monitor fuel levels, remote start your vehicle, and schedule service, the new FordPass Rewards program is all about rewarding customer loyalty. If someone registered with the app purchases or leases a new Ford, they will earn points to apply to parts, services, or even towards a new vehicle at certain Ford Dealerships.

Increased access to service is always a high priority for Ford. That’s why Ford is beginning to explore the ability to offer service to drivers no matter where they happen to be. Whether a customer is at work, home, or on the side of the road, Ford wants to be sure they have access to on-call repairs, maintenance, and the like. Currently, the program is being rolled out in California, then onto other states such as Texas, Illinois, New Jersey, and Florida. Following the expected success of the pilot there, Ford looks to continue expanding the program to more locations.

Ford is also revamping the way its customer service calls are handled. Using an “own the call” approach, the new call center in Houston keeps the same representative with a customer on the phone throughout the process. This ensures that a customer doesn’t get lost while being transferred from department to department. It also makes certain that the client’s needs are definitely being met.

These are just a few of the new services and programs Ford is working on to improve the customer experience. For more details, click here!
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