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Ford Student Rebate Program

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Preparing to start your life either while you're still in college or right after you graduate can be a stressful situation. When you're just setting out, finances can be tough to set in order. Luckily, finding a vehicle doesn't have to be that complicated. Ford makes it easy to buy and lease a new vehicle if you're a current college student and recent grad. Through Ford Credit and with the incredible incentives available to recent graduates and current students, it's easier than ever for them to buy or lease a new vehicle. These may not be the only incentives you qualify for; check in at Garnet Ford for more information!

• Current full-time student OR part-time at an accredited Four-Year Institution
• Must be enrolled in at least 2 classes or 6 credits
• Graduates within 6 months after graduation may qualify

• Discount may only apply to new vehicle purchases of current model year
• Program date subject to current Ford Motor Company terms
• Must be in 'good academic standing'

• Proof of eligibility includes diploma, transcript, letter of intent, current class schedule, report cards, or dated letters
• Proof of eligibility is subject to dealer discretion

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